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Yacon at the Dott. Oz Show

As a result of studies carried out on Yacon and given the results that have been published, Dr. Oz and his team wanted to test its effectiveness.¬†They were chosen “all” the spectators of the transmission of the Dr. Oz who were interested in losing weight in a natural way.

The participants took the yacon syrup for 28 days, or with a spoon before each main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). To verify the effectiveness of Yacon, the subjects did not have to make any changes to their eating habits. The only trick was to take its power to unite a tablespoon of syrup.

Of the 60 women selected, 40 have compeltato 4 weeks and the amazing results were the following:

  • 29 women (73%) lost a significant amount of weight
  • 14 women have lost five pounds or more in just 4 weeks
  • The average weight loss was 3kg
  • The average reduction of waist size was 5 cm

After you get these amazing results, it has been requested a medical opinion on the yacon syrup.
Previous scientific studies in the past had already demonstrated the effectiveness of Yacon both from the point of view of health that with regard to the weight loss.

In 2009, a scientific study published in Clinical Nutrition was conducted on 55 obese women argetine. The women had taken three quarters cicchiaini syrup during the day and had to slightly reduce your daily calorie intake and walk for 45 minutes a day.

What prompted the researchers to publish a study, was once the result. Infatto all the women lost weight, an average of 33 kg and 4 cm waistline. At the end of treatment in all women was found to improve insulin levels, a drastic drop in the levels of bad cholesterol and more frequent bowel movements.

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