Yacon is a root that come from South America, used since ancient times by the local population , thanks to its high natural properties.

Recent studies have confirmed that supplementing the diet with the extract of yacon , and offers many immediate benefits.

What are the benefits ?

Integrating the power with the Root of yacon , offers numerous advantages as regards both the loss and the control of body weight , which for health in general.

Yacon syrup fact :

  • Helps reduce waist circumference
  • It ‘ a natural product 100%
  • Delete the desire and the desire for food
  • It helps you lose weight naturally
  • This powerful root ago now one of the most famous Super Food , not only for its natural diet , but also because it improves digestion and is able to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.

Yacon is the first dietary supplement that helps you lose weight without the need to take pills, crash diets to follow and practice any exercise.

What are the benefits?

Supplement their diet with Yacon Syrup is easy because it is a sweet substance which, when combined with food or drink , it gives a nice taste .

Yacon syrup is then a “sweet solution ” in order to finally shed those unwanted kilograms too .

Yacon Syrup is an evolution of slimming products, thanks to which you can regain your form without having to take pills.

  • Yacon is a powerful extract from sweet and pleasant taste that allows you to lose too annoying kg in a natural way .
  • Yacon syrup enhances the natural ability of the body to burn excess fats , eliminating the craving for food
  • Incorporating nutrition with Yacon Syrup, as well as reducing the waistline , improve the immune system, helps regulate the amount of sugar in the blood and improves digestion .

Yacon Syrup

The extract of yacon is available in the form of syrup and being natural does not mean contraindications . This means that it offers the ability to lose weight quickly and safely.

The great advantage of this super food is that it can be easily introduced in their daily diet without taking pills.

It is a syrup that can be mixed with food , and can enter easily become part of ordinary daily habits.

Yacoon Dr. Oz Show

The famous American doctor has conducted a study on Yacon , presenting the results in his widely read telecast . ( Yacon Dr. Oz Show)

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